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Product Description Product introduction
Calcium is a silvery white metal that is harder and heavier than lithium, sodium, and potassium; melts at 815 ° C. The chemical nature of calcium metal is very lively. In the air, calcium is rapidly oxidized, coated with an oxide film. When heated, calcium burns and emits a brick-red beautiful light. Calcium and cold water are slow acting, and intense chemical reactions take place in hot water, releasing hydrogen (lithium, sodium and potassium can react violently even in cold water). Calcium is also very easy with halogen, sulfur, nitrogen and other compounds.
Characteristic and superiority
Calcium ,Soluble in acid, liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in benzene. The higher its purity, the slower the surface darkens in the air. In case of intense heat in the air, the combustion generates calcium oxide and calcium nitride. Hydrogenated calcium is slowly formed at 400 ° C and above. Reaction with water at room temperature to ease, generating a protective film of calcium hydroxide, heated with water to react violently release hydrogen. Chemical properties are very lively, has a strong reduction ability, easy and halogen, sulfur, nitrogen and other compounds. When heated to restore almost all of the metal oxide. Flammable.
1. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, electrical appliances and other industries, steel smelting can be used for deoxidation and dephosphorization, non-ferrous smelting is an excellent reductant. For alloy deoxidizer, oil dehydrating agent, smelting reductant, iron and iron alloy decarbonization agent, but also for the pharmaceutical industry. Used as a deoxidizer alloy, high-quality metal smelting reductant, iron and iron alloy desulfurization and decarbonization agents, special steel grain size regulator, and magnesium casting surface cleaning agent. For the manufacture of bearing alloy, oil dehydrating agent. Is the production of vitamin A and calcium hydride raw materials. Also used in the preparation of batteries, alloy electrodes. Used with aluminum, copper, lead alloy, but also for the system beryllium reductant, alloy deoxidizer, oil dehydrogenation and so on.
2. Used with aluminum, ketones, lead alloy, but also for the system of beryllium reductant, alloy deoxidizer, oil dehydrogenation and so on.

product properties
appearance  lump
boiling point


Melting point





Do not dissolve in benzene, kerosene, slightly soluble in ethanol, soluble in acid, liquid ammonia.


11 to 12 (1% solution)

Saturated vapor pressure (kPa)

1.33 (983 ° C)

Critical pressure (MPa)


Emergency treatment
First, the leak emergency response
      Isolate leaking pollution area and restrict access. Cut off the fire. Recommended emergency personnel to wear       self-contained breathing apparatus, wear fire protective clothing. Do not touch the spill directly. A small amount        of leakage: rinse with plenty of water, diluted with water into the waste water system. Large leaks: water wetting,        and then collected for recycling or shipped to the disposal of waste disposal sites.
Second, protective measures
     Respiratory protection: Wear a hood-type, electrically-powered, filtered respirator when possible exposure to dust.
       1 Eye protection: Respiratory protection has been protected.
       2 body protection: wear plastic protective clothing.
       3 hand protection: wear rubber gloves.
       4 other: the work site is strictly prohibited smoking.
Third, first aid measures
      1 Skin contact: Immediately remove contaminated clothing, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.
      2 Eye contact: Lift the eyelid immediately, rinse thoroughly with plenty of running water or saline for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.
      3 Inhalation: Remove quickly from the scene to fresh air. Keep the airway clear. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If breathing stopped, resuscitate immediately. Get medical attention.
     5 Ingestion: Gargle with water, to drink milk or egg white. Get medical attention.
     6 fire fighting methods: No water, halogenated hydrocarbon agent rescue, it is not appropriate to use carbon dioxide fire extinguishing. In the fire, such as improper use of fire extinguishing agents, but also violent reactions can occur, causing an explosion, we must pay special attention to fire safety and rescue. Extinguishing agents: dry graphite, soda ash, sodium chloride powder.
Packaging & Shipping  
Metallic calcium
Bags or drums
When the purchase volume reaches one ton, we take the sea shipping, when the purchase is low, we default air, the default federal, but we also support DHL / EMS, etc.if you have any needs, please contact us promptly.

  Our Services Our services:If you have any problems about the product, we have professional staff to answer for you.
Company Information
Company information
Hutong Global Co ., Ltd., is an integrated enterprise which includes the research and development, production. business scope covers zeolite/, catalyst,solvent etc.
Locates in tianjin, the largest sea port city in north china,which endow us more advantage to promp delivery and better service. and It takes us only an hour to get to the port.
We have a very pleasant office environment,and own transport process.

Our products sell to more 20 counties and win highly reputation in middle east, asia, south America and europe.
Taking 'Quality for survival, credit for development' as enterprise's princile. The company is firmly mplementing the scientific management and promoting the products more technical and environmentl to strive in the competitive market.
Our whole staff would keep hard and innovative in work to provide qualified product and good service.

We hope development together with our customer from worldwide.
FAQ 1.What are you main products?
We mainly do chemical class products, such as the catalyst.Main products include molecular sieve, calcium aluminum alloy and perchlorate and so on.
2.What  are you strength?
First of all,our products sell to more 20 countries and win highly reputation in middle east,asia,south America and europe.Then we have rich experience and qualified products to customers at ease.And it only takes us one hour to get to port.Finally,we have professional staff to answer your questions at any time.

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